School for Biblical Training & Spiritual Growth

Many memories exist in the history of the church of Christ here in Peru. There is so much from yesterday, much for today and many hopes for tomorrow. From the first century Church until the present century Church nothing has changed.

This year during preparations for the two-week training session, at ENBOC; March 11-25 in Tinta, I was very busy. I was also preoccupied above all with the possible questions the students might have from their various locations. This year the students arrived from Arequipa, Apurimac and Cusco. We had a total of 25 students participate this time. From this group 9 received certificates of participation and 1 received a diploma of graduation from four years of study in this program.

Some of the things discussed this term were: What is the reason for lack of communication among the churches of Christ in Latin America? Or why is there not better communication between the Latin American brethren like there is in other countries of the world. Another question was about the silence of God in the church of Christ. Three people were baptized during March session in Tinta, Peru. Added to the church were: two students from Apurimac and one from Arequipa. In my solitude, I cry tears of joy over this task God has given me alone, with so many brothers and I celebrate the fact that Christ is head over the church. What incredible joy this gives me! Please continue to remember us and pray for us here in Peru.
As always, we are thankful for the church of Christ and the Gospel of Christ.
Hipólito & Francisca Triveños

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