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Hipólito and Francisca Triveños, missionaries to Peru supported by Broadway since 1977. Currently work in the city of Cusco and the surrounding area. They have three children: Sefora, Israel & Dan. Sefora age 28 is married with two children. Israel, age 21, completes medical school March 25, 2000 in Sucre, Bolivia. Dan, age 18, completes high school in December 1999 and plans to attend university in La Paz, Bolivia to study computer information systems.

A bit of history:

Both Francisca and Hipólito were converted in Peru, in 1962 and 1968 respectively. After Francisca’s conversion, Hipólito, began studying on his own. After his baptism he spent much of his time when traveling for his job, teaching everyone that would listen.

Hipólito, Francisca and their daughter Sefora, six years old at the time, came to Lubbock to study in the Spanish language program of Sunset School of Preaching. After graduation and two years of study they returned to Peru as missionaries. Much has been accomplished! They are instrumental in starting and bringing to maturity some 19 churches throughout the central Peru.

For 22 years now the Triveñoses continue to fight tirelessly the good fight with burning zeal teaching the Quechua of Peru.

1977- They began in Arequipa and that congregation grew to 75 members.

1987- They moved to Cusco and congregations grew to 60 plus members. 1993- The Triveñoses began to concentrate on the mountain villages surrounding Cusco. Four congregations are established in Huancalle, Tinta and Curahuasi because of these efforts.

1997- Radio Program began with one 30 minute broadcast Monday-Friday.

1999- In January the Cusco congregation selected elders and deacons.

Today, Hipólito and Francisca concentrate on preaching the gospel in the provinces surrounding the city of Cusco concentrating on Curahuasi, Huancalle, and Tinta. These three congregations work toward purchasing the land and building their church buildings. They continue to mature and increased in number. Outreach extends throughout their village and into other villages.

The Triveñoses also encourage and visit congregations in: Juli-Puno, Uripa, Huamachuco, and Arequipa. The Daily Radio Program, an efficient tool for reaching new contacts for Bible study and ENBOC (The Leadership Training School utilized for maturing the men and women in the congregation) are currently the most effective methods used by Hipólito for the work in the Cusco region.


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